Our Mission

Join as a co leader of New Nigeria 2019 if you are concerned

  • That NEW leaders need to emerge,
  • That the old and present crop has failed us.
  • That we cannot continue the way we are going
  • That the quality of our leaders leave a lot to be desired
  • That the moral and social fibre of our leaders can and must be better
  • That not enough good and well meaning persons are being voted for
  • That the potential of our great country is not being maximized
  • That the thinking to drive our country forward is less than optimal
  • That the execution of plans does not translate to beneficial results for the generality of us
  • That life is getting harder by the day
  • That income is getting less by the day
  • That job opportunities are dwindling

The list seems endless, this forum allows you to grow this list with your well thought out input.

Join as a co leader of new Nigeria 2019 if you are committed

  • To be interested in those that lead us
  • To register to vote and indeed vote
  • To advocate to as many people as you can to do the same
  • To vote for NEW people in the political space
  • To doing good in your space and sphere
  • To speaking against poor government
  • To supporting good NEW and credible candidates
  • To being part of the solution

The list is seemingly endless, this forum allows you to grow this list with your well thought out input.

We will, along with you feature aspiring NEW public servants, we will hear from them, question them and separate the wheat from the chaff. We are a FAMILY of like minded Nigerians that are determined to put forward our collective first eleven.   We will go nowhere very fast if we keep fielding our 10th reserves and expect them to be top class state men and women. Nigeria is a great, blessed country with the potential to be a first class place to live, work and find happiness.


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