How do we address the health care delivery system in Nigeria, once and for all?

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    Ronke Desalu

    For as long as I can remember, the healthcare situation in our dear country has continued to deteriorate.
    Governments come with promises and Governments go without fulfilling them.
    My angle is that “what role can the ordinary citizens play to improve overall healthcare delivery system for us all?”
    For example, Full engagement of the NHIS by the citizenry…..please join this discussion so we can forward and publicise a list of must-dos to the appropriate quarters.



    Hi Ronke

    That is a very tough question to answer.For the ordinary citizens to play a part in improving the healthcare delivery system, I believe there needs to be a platform where their voices can be heard. Do that platform exist? If not how can this be created?


    Kayode Ige


    Seyi Awofeso

    Professor Desalu:

    There’s a huge cream-coloured generator in front of the accident unit of LUTH. It is hardly put on – except in the evening. Part of the reason is the high cost of running 24-hour generator. What am i saying? Our health sector is tied to Nigeria’s overall economic failure. I am willing to bet that well over 90% of medicines dispensed to patients in hospitals are imported.

    At 500 Naira to a dollar, those therapeutic and curative medicines soar well beyond the income of sick patients. Until general poverty is solved therefore there’s neither hope nor comfort for the health sector.

    But the puzzle is that poverty can’t be solved without deploying deadly force against those looting the treasury wholesale since preaching to them has had no impact till date, and since they can’t conceivably stop stealing until they are deterred by deadly force.



    Prof I like your take. From my point of view looking in from outside (UK, and also very involved in Nigeria in my limited capacity. You are right the main issue is leadership, which impacts on cost of doing business and efficiency
    How can rogue corrupt leaders be neutralized?This platform is a starting point. Why are Nigerians relatively unproductive, considering our comparative advantage, huge mineral resources,great climate, high population, and bright and large percentage of youth in the populace


    Akintunde Akinkunmi

    I agree with the suggestion that we cannot look at fixing our broken healthcare system in isolation. It is broken for the same reason everything else in Nigeria is broken- a culture of impunity in a society where nobody is held accountable. In my humble opinion, the only place to start is the criminal justice system; when people are held accountable, the culture of impunity will recede- then, and only then, will we be able to fix anything

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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