Our Vision

You can change the future of Nigeria, indeed you can, and you must.

How ?

By being part of the civic minded citizens that are creating a NEW crop of elected public officials that are credible, decent, intelligent, exposed, diligent and socially and morally conscious.

By simply joining as a co leader in the movement that seeks to in the main, REPLACE  the old order with a NEW and fresh order.

We cannot continue to recycle in person and in ideology the same crop of selfish and unproductive leadership in the main and expect a different result.


The world we are part of and the future we will unfold into requires our development to be hinged on certain things, a few of these are,

  • We must reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, between the haves and the have nots and those with opportunities and those without
  • We must embrace our diversity and maximize the potential inherent in that diversity, while fully appreciating the common ground that must exist.
  • We must practice Total Governance. The people must matter, Community must be more important than self. Narrow mindedness, tribalism etc must be a thing of the past.
  • The indefatigable spirit of the individual must be unleashed by the right enabling environment.
  • The rule of law must prevail
  • The economy must be sustainable and affordable
  • The mind set of our people must be reset
  • The moral and social compass of our people must be reset
  • Ideas and innovation must be drivers of our collective prosperity and happiness.

We all hope for a better future for us and our descendants.

This site offers us all the opportunity and means to be part of a movement that does its lawful civic responsibility towards creating that better society we all long for.

This platform is a simple platform that helps gather and grow the numbers of a critical mass of Nigerians that believe in decent living and in good governance.

This platform will harness the drops of civic empowerment and communal responsibility and form the ocean of change that we require.

This platform is about numbers, so please join as a leader of the movement to salvage our dear country. Let’s comment, exchange ideas, proffer solutions and above all advocate for the kinds of leaders we want to see from the local government level, to state level and to federal level.

We believe that if we are to make significant progress in creating a better future and country we need to be active in the political space. From showing simple interest to advocacy to supporting credible candidates and to even running for office.




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